Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh, I am SO GLAD to be HOME! It has taken a good week and a half to get myself back together after our China trip. I was in lala land the first few days back, falling asleep at inoportune moments during the day. My house is a mess with suitcases blown open all over the bedrooms and I had all kinds of errands last week that kept me out of the house. But today I cleaned like a fiend and now our bedroom is serene again and our suitcases are stowed for later adventures. Tomorrow I tackle the girls' rooms-but today I had success as a homemaker.


Darla said...

Glad you are home! Ready for meme??? I just tagged you! come and see :)

Darla said...

hey girlfriend! All you have to do is..

copy and paste mine into yours as a new post, and then change the answers to your own...and we all come and see what you wrote! just for fun, and I have friend who calls it lazy blogging but I like it sometimes...and steph(ocean mommy) should have hers on soon too! love ya princess