Thursday, August 28, 2008

A better day

Yesterday was kinda stressful. I had a test that's been rumoured to be painful at the ob/gyn. And God was good, as usual. First of all, I liked the doc. She was only a little younger than me-late 40ish-and listened well. Even though she didn't say "I don't think you need the test" she was very comforting about what it involved and how painful it might actually be as opposed to what I may have heard. I'm thinking "I can do this!" As I'm sitting on the table without my pants waiting for the doctor to return, the technician comes in and gets out medical stuff like scissors, giant swabs, and a bowl. I began to have a panic attack and thought "No, not doing this after all." My pants are not that far away and nobody is around. But then God said "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you." So I thought "Well, Lord, better get to strengthening." Which He did. The doctor also came in just then and even though she's doing a test in which I am in a compromised position, I didn't want her to see me going across the room without my pants on. She just went about it with an of course you are having the test done attitude, leaving me with no good way out. There is no telling how God will do His strengthening. In the end, the test wasn't so painful, just made me feel a little sick to my stomach afterward.
Then I had an eye doctor appointment to see why the pupil in my left eye is constricted when the pupil in my right eye is not. I'm having to put drops in the left for high optic pressure. I previously knew nothing about optic pressure but now know more than I care to. Anyway, on a shopping trip with my girls, L suddenly looked at me and said "Mom! Your eyes look really freaky!" so I called and asked if it was the medicine and my doctor wasn't there and the other doctor said no, it isn't the medicine and come in and see your doctor. So after the ob/gyn, I went and sat for a very long time in the waiting room of the eye doctor. At last, he came in, looked at my pupils and said "It's the medicine." The tech who told me to come in said "But Dr XYZ said it wasn't!" And my doc said "Well, he doesn't know everything." I laughed myself silly and said "Then I'm glad you're my doctor".
This morning I awoke to grey cloudy skies. It's finally raining after a long dry spell. It's going to be a better day.

Monday, August 11, 2008

13 going on growed

SK is sporting her new hairdo and unlike the last one, this one makes her look older. She loves it and I do not.
We put up her loft bed and took our her princess bed. When we asked her what to do with her princess bed she said she didn't care. I, on the other hand, thought and thought about how to hang on to it. Ultimately, we gave it away. I immediately regretted that decision. I was not ready but nobody asks me if I'm ready before they start growing themselves up.
It's wild to watch the Olympics after our trip in September to Beijing. Such a different culture and yet, we see things that we recognize.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

J, S, L & SK

The best part of the wedding was having all my offspring together.

Friday, August 1, 2008


We've been home from Myrtle Beach for 12 hours and already the Yeah I'm Home feeling is ppfffting right out of me.
L is having her senior pictures taken today. ppfft
I never did find a dress to wear to this wedding. Believe me, I looked. I wanted something that was weddingish and didn't accentuate my mature woman's body. I couldn't find a one. Dresses must be out in general because the one's I saw and the few I tried on shall I say it..ugly. Nor did I find shoes to go with the dress I decided to wear (which has been hanging in my closet for two years unworn because I bought it on clearance from Coldwater Creek online and it was a tad outdated even then). ppfft
Worry about S is edging in. I talked to him before we left and he said he was all scratched up and banged up from "play fighting" with a guy at work. So. Since when do 20 year olds play fight? He said he wanted to stay over tonight and make sure he's ready and here to leave for the wedding but he hasn't answered my texts or called or made contact. ppfft
I have a medical test looming out there on Tuesday which, by all accounts, is painful. I could not have it I guess. I'm grown. ppfft
I promised our youngest that she could cut her hair after competition and teenager up her room. She's already started asking WHEN are we getting my new room? my haircut? ppfft
Precious 19 year old K is getting married tomorrow. That's not exactly a ppfft but it causes a little nostalgic heartache.
Okay, that's over. I feel much better.