Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Trio Performance in China

My daughter and her two friends had the opportunity to perform their trio for the Beijing Polytechnic Institute. She said it was "terrible" but I am very proud of them!


Profbaugh said...

I'm just checking back in. . been away from bloggityville for a while and I'm catching up.

Oh my goodness!! This is amazing. . such talent. I assume this is from your China trip and one of these young women is your daughter, right? I'm so interested to hear all about your trip. . . so either start blogging or e-mail me. I'm dying to find out how it went for you.


Susan said...

I think they were AWESOME! My Girl is her worst critic. I would imagine your daughter is too.

Susan said...

Oh, Hi Kathy. Good luck to YOU, but I'M going to win!!!!

Love ya.