Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today my husband forwarded me an e-mail from the Art Institute of Washington. It's located in Arlington, Virginia where my husband works. We've tried several times in the past to interest our 2nd born in their video production program. This new bulletin says that they now have housing options available.

I get so frustrated with myself. I feel my heart leap with expectation that THIS will be the opportunity that pulls my son from the pit. There has been so many opportunities that he has let pass by.

Steady, girl. Wait on the Lord.

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Darla said...

waiting is the hard part..I just try to remember that after I give it to HIM, leave it there, don't take it back...:) I really have to try to discipline myself to be aware that I am taking it back again. Awesome that we have such a patient God. love you and keeping your family in my prayers.