Sunday, July 22, 2007

a glimpse

My husband and I took our birthday girl and two of her friends shopping all day Saturday. Actually, they shopped around together and my husband, younger daughter, and I went around shopping together. We all had a fabulous dinner at an Italian place called Margianno's and then stayed over at a hotel and had brunch this morning before returning home.
After my afternoon nap, son number two gave me a call. The first thing he asked me was Why weren't we at church? He had gone with a friend and looked for us. I'm thanking the Lord in my heart the entire conversation because he hasn't been to church since he moved out. He was inspired enough to discuss the sermon with me and seemed genuinely moved by the missions reports that came after. He made chocolate bananas and brought them over for our family birthday party and had a present for his sister, a stuffed toy white tiger, that he said was to keep an eye on her. Thank you Lord, for a glimpse of the constant hand You have on his life.


Jan said...

Hi there,
What a blessing. All those prayers must have paid off!
I love that he gave his sister a stuffed animal to keep an eye on her...that's priceless.
Have a great evening.

Profbaugh said...

Amen!! Isn't God wonderful in the way He moves? What a great report on your son. All this and chocolate covered bananas too! God is good.

We celebrate my daughter's 16th birthday next week. Actually, we're leaving for Chicago on Thursday. . . going to have a "surpise birthday party" for her on Saturday. . . even thought about going to Magianno's for dinner. Small world, huh?