Saturday, July 14, 2007

Family time

I've been so frustrated this week with our ding dang computer. The internet is not working reliably and I haven't been able to get to my e-mail. I feel so behind in everything!

For the last few days my oldest son has been home from NYC. I made spaghetti my daddy's way (per his request) for dinner but the girls were at dance so there was just me, my husband and my son. The night before that, the 19 year old came for dinner but again, the girls were at dance and the oldest wasn't home yet so there was me, my husband and my son. It was nice in a way to have each one to ourselves-something that didn't happen often when everybody lived at home.

Actually, we've had a nice couple of days. Everyone was home last night to watch a movie outside. My husband brought a projector home from the office and we set it up outside with a screen and sat on the deck in the dark, eating popcorn and whoppers. When the movie was over all my chickens went downstairs and played video games together. I think they're into Super Mario 3 these days. I watched an old doctor movie on TCM while my husband read the paper and dozed in his chair.

The 19 year old went with me and the girls to the movies this week. He actually hung out with them beforehand. My 15 year old daughter told me he tried to convince her that "he had it made" while she is stuck with our rules. She said she just laughed. Still, he was willing to come around some this week-I think because he's broken up with the girlfriend and is lonely for the most part. I find that hopeful because maybe that means he still feels somewhere in there that he can turn to us when he's hurting.

The oldest goes back to NYC in the morning. I'll miss him.


Darla said...

glad your back! Missed you!

Jan said...

Hey there! I know what you mean about the computer. My laptop overheats all the time, so I put a desk size fan on it (how's that for some southern engineering?)
If you will post your email, I can send my article as an attachment. It is only two pages. Your email is probably on your blog somewhere, but I am out the door to help give a party for 80 people. My best friend is moving to Kansas!!! I'll probably post later on that!