Sunday, July 15, 2007

Three toughest things about being a woman

As I was without my computer for several days (it still is "iffy") I didn't get to respond to the LPM blog. I was telling my husband about it this morning as we were dressing for church. Actually, the conversation began with a discussion about our 15 year old daughter. She gets periodic breakouts and every time she does we have the same exchange:
Her: I don't know why I get these bumps!
Me: It's hormonal.
Her: No, it isn't. It's my face wash. I want something different.
Me: (Big sigh) Okay, I guess you can try something different but it's only going to work a few months and then your hormones are going to do something wacky and your face will break out.
Her: You think everything is about hormones.
I remarked to my husband that she just doesn't want to accept the unpleasant reality of being a woman and beginning the battle with her body. I told him about the survey and commented that it was so comforting to read others' comments and see that they struggle with the same things. For instance, I told him, hormones are at the top of the list for almost all of the 4oo plus women. And then he messed up. He began to tell me how men and women are essentially the same. I, predictably, lost it and said "You're absolutely right. I don't know why I thought that me and 400 other women struggling with our hormones was uniquely female!" He backtracked and said that that wasn't what he meant at all and I said that I thought this was a conversation we shouldn't have.
Three toughest things about being a woman:
1. The bible tells me to have self-control. Being obedient to that is a tremendous struggle for me as I try to cope with my ever changing emotions. (I'd say hormones but I don't want it to seem like I think everything is about that.)
2. Submission to my husband.
3. Having my passionate feelings about something being written off as "hormonal".
Having said all that, I must add that through those toughest things my Jesus has drawn me closer to Him, held me close, strengthened me.

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