Monday, July 23, 2007

His Mysterious Ways

I have been reading some of the other blogs today. My husband is out of town for 3 days. He's in San Antonio, Texas on business and so in what is generally my time with him in the evening I've been reading others' blogs.
I am totally blown away by the passion and honesty so many women display in their writing. I guess I'm guilty of thinking that it's not the norm to be open with people you've never met and so I've been shocked by how many actually are. I find their words inspiring, encouraging, challenging. I need to be challenged out of my tiny little view of myself and my God.
I can say that I'm loyal. I have a few friends but those friends are very dear to me and our friendships have been forged over many years. I think that's why I relate to Beth Moore's teaching style and her books; she understands about trust issues. Anyway, in this last year all my friends have gone from being at home moms to jobs elsewhere because their kids have grown-up. I have the youngest child, even though I'm not the youngest mom (as the one who is the youngest will be happy to tell you) so I am still at home while they are busy with their new work. I admit that I have felt quite sorry for myself at times. It's lonely work to be at home and half your kids grown, the other half in school and your friends moved on. But the Lord has provided me with a volunteer job and an art class and a Beth Moore bible study group and activities with my girls to keep me busy. And then He led me to this blog thing where women are so totally honest about their lives and their faith. He says to me "Hey, you big baby, you are not alone in the world. We all have challenges. And I'm in there with you!" He is so awesome. He provides for my every need when I come home from the pity party long enough to let Him. Thank you, Lord!


Jesus Girl said...

You are definitely not alone! We humans like to think of ourselves as unique, and in some ways we are, but in many ways we are not. That's one reason we can relate so much to different people in Scripture. The times have changed, the people have not.

Thank you for all the kind words you said about my blog. It still amazes me how close you can feel to someone and never speak to them in person. God has a way of binding us together, does He not?

Profbaugh said...

I'm with you on this one my sieta! I'm so amazed at how candid and inspirational these blogs are. I've just started blogging myself. It's an amazming experience to connect with others so deeply and never having met in real life. So, hang in there and know you have lots of support in cyberspace.


Jan said...

I know exactly what you mean. I NEVER dreamed I would even know what a blog was...for crying out loud. My kids are IMPRESSED.They actually read it. (that cracks me up in a major way) So, you are not alone.
BTW, I've tagged you for the 5 things you love about Jesus meme. Check it out on my blog.
Blessings to you girlfriend!!!

Darla said...

hey girl! We are not alone, and Jesus is with us...and then HE went a step beyond and gave us each other to encourage us on the road to HIM...HE is very good!!!