Friday, December 19, 2008

This afternoon L is going to a viewing. It's the first one she's ever had to attend and she wants to go without me with her friends. The viewing is for one of her close friends that committed suicide on Tuesday. Since school began in September, they have had six deaths at her high school; four students have killed themselves and two were killed in accidents.
It swirls around in my head that in this country of abundant things so many people are still empty. I'm so thankful for the blood of Christ that gives us abundant life, life that goes beyond this earthly, painful place.


Susan said...

Having just gone through that in April...keep the lines of communication open anyway. Sarah and I sat on her bed one night and just held each other and cried and cried, several nights after Nick was gone.

Shawn sat in my chair in the living room, without any lights on, and stared out the back of the house to the trees for hours every day. Never saying anything. He knew we were there. We talked to him about it even if he didn't want to and it was just his way to have to deal with it.

Sending you hugs and prayers for you and your girl as well as the parents of her friend.

He Knows My Name said...

My head can't seem to wrap around 6 gone. Even 1 suicide is hard to fathom. Oh the desperation that these teens face and feel like this is the answer. My heart just breaks for them and their families. Praying for L.

Many hugs and Merry Christmas to you Kathy! May God bless you with some special moments this holiday season with the kids.

love, janel

PJ said...

Praying for L...and for you. It's so hard to let them struggle with these tough issues of life and death. Stay close. She needs you more than ever.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

My goodness. As someone involved in youth ministry, this breaks my heart.