Thursday, December 4, 2008

It feels like snow. I wish it would snow and make everything clean and white.
I had a poor conversation with L this afternoon. She pretty much told me I didn't know what I was talking about; she hadn't said what I said she said. She's been in a foul mood lately and I think it's because of college applications and the stress of that. So, I quick-like-a-sponge take it on, too.
Thanksgiving was fun but hovering over us was "next year L will be coming home from school". I put up the Christmas decorations and she said "next year you'll have to wait for me to get home on break." This year's festivities are all tainted by the specter of next year.
It's a constant, subtle pressure on us all.
Meanwhile, S lives in the basement without a job. I am thankful that he is home and that God allows us to provide a home for him. I continue to pray for his sake that this arrangement is temporary. I see him struggling with his feelings about his younger sister preparing to go off and do what he did not. Still, I am thankful that they have this time together to heal and mend their relationship before they venture out into the world.


He Knows My Name said...

Hi Kathy, Glad to see someone is on the ball with the decorations. I'm going to shoot for Sunday if my husband doesn't get the virus we have by then.

We're getting snow this weekend. Enough to shovel.

hugs, janel

Susan said...

Hey there.

Trust me when I tell you there is nothing like a serious car accident to bring your perspective back in line. After weeks of mediating between hubs and our girl and subsequently straining my relationship with both of them, Sarah's car accident last Saturday night brought all back to perspective. She has been ultra stressed by all of the life changes happening and soon to happen. Volleyball is over. She's not working out daily, at least not with the same intensity and focus, she LOVED playing, even with the mental game stress. She is working more hours. Trying to maintain at least a 3.2 gps, dealing with a bf, and has finally decided she is going to attend NVCC to get her Vet Tech associates degree and certification and then see where that takes her.

I was so happy to read that you recognize why your sweet girl is stressed and also that S is at least at home, safe, sound, fed, loved.

I am so praying for you, Kathy! And sending you hugs. One day, we will have to hug and chat over a cup of coffee. Soon!