Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation rambling

We are leaving tomorrow for this place: It is the most relaxing vacation I've ever been on. Our good friends, who are actually surrogate family, have gone there all their lives and their children's lives but we are new to the place. It's not easy to describe why it's so great; you have to go to Capon to discover if you're a Capon person or not.
Today I'm packing and getting some good books to read. We're all just fiddling around until we can get there.


Susan said...

Hey Sweet Girl. Have an incredibly relaxing time! I'm so jealous. Stuck here...sending a kid off to beach week, camp and college; another kid to three camps and a season of summer basketball; and one other kid to vb camp at the Naval Academy...well, there just wasn't enough $$ for This Girl to go on vacation! lol. Not begrudging it...just stating it.

Have a great time. Take pics.


Susan said...

I know you are back...let's hear about vacation!