Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer morning

I can tell that summer is finally here because I am unable to leap up in the morning and get going. Every summer I say I'm going to leap up early and get going and every summer I hit snooze and just lay there, knowing that the house will be quiet until midday when the girls roll out of bed.
Yesterday morn I went out onto the front porch to water the three potted plants I'm trying not to kill and locked myself out of the house. It's easier to do than you might think. I was in my pajamas so even though it was a beautiful summer morning, I was eager to get back in. I rang the doorbell nonstop and knocked on the door at the same time for about, I don't know, a really long time. My mind kept going to that scripture where Jesus says "Knock and the door will be opened." Scripture can actually help you keep your cool in most situations.
At long last L stumbled bleary-eyed down the stairs exclaiming "I'm so sorry! How long have you been out there?"
"A while." I coolly replied.
The youngest followed her down the stairs and began snickering uncontrollably and when I asked her what was so dang funny, she replied that she heard me out there and thought I was the clothes dryer gone berserk.
I ain't buying it.

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Susan said...

Me, either. lol.

P.S. Love the new colors and headers you are using!