Saturday, June 7, 2008

Frick and Frack

These two girls have been buddies since they were babies. And that seems like-you've heard it before-a moment ago. I had E. in the nursery at church. Her mama had her dressed in ruffles and frills and little black patent leather shoes, one of which that baby girl kept pulling off and sticking in her mouth. Her mama came in to pick up baby girl with two other little ones in tow and I began to apologize profusely saying that I did my best to keep her shoe on and she took that slobbered on shoe and stuck it in the pocket of her jumper and said "Don't worry about it!" I knew this was a gal I could be friends with.
Whenever these two were together, mayhem was present. And they were together often. Huge messes made and things broken and always begging for sleepovers that more often than not, we agreed to. A lot has changed since those days. Their family moved to Atlanta for 18 months and when they moved back, they moved to a different area. The kids were at different schools and life just took us farther apart. Our families still got together every now and then and my friend and I have stayed close.

Now miss E is graduating from high school. Life will take them even farther from here and each other. I don't know if they see this fork in the road or understand that from now on their friendship will depend upon them and not their mamas. I pray their friendship grows. I pray it lasts a lifetime.

Camouflaging our old lady necks.


Susan said...

Lol. You don't even HAVE old lady neck disease!!!!

He Knows My Name said...

nice picture! i see no waddles in the picture (the hangy down thing on a chicken) :)

Profbaugh said...

Oh I just had to laugh at your last picture. I must LEARN that technique for myself!!


Fran said...

Well..y'all are just precious! And, I bet those 2 have a beautiful long friendship.

So, so sweet.
Blessings and hugs,