Monday, June 25, 2007

What dreams may come

In the last few years since my two sons have moved out and on, I have begun having interesting dreams. In these dreams my oldest son is at various stages of his babyhood and my heart remembers him with such love and joy. He is exactly as he was, not changed a bit in the remembering. My other three children are at various ages of childhood. One is five, another is three, and the youngest one two. My oldest son is always the baby.
Last night in my dream, he started out as the baby but then the next in line-who was three or four in the dream, came up to me and said "You love him more." I said "No." and put down the baby. The baby then ran out the door and came back in as the 21 year old he is.

I'm not a dream interpreter but I'm thinking I'm working through the kids growing up and leaving the home thing.

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Darla said...

I just left a comment on the blog before this one...and I was just wondering if it were possible that your oldest is your"Isaac"? My oldest is my Isaac, and i have trouble letting her make mistakes and find Jesus on her own..I am sure that is a mother thing. She is prodigal at this time, and very much in love with the world...
Jesus had to sit me down and tell me that I must believe HIM that HE is in control and that HE knows what HE is doing, and that I am going to love the end result!

Children are such a gift from God, even when they wander off...its hard for me to remember some days that they are HIS.

My house is empty at the at camp, one teaching the gospel all over this county, and one chasing after the glittery things of this world. I have found that I have much more time to sit at HIS feet, and to pray.

Princess Darla