Thursday, June 21, 2007

summer promise

It's quiet in the house but it's the kind of quiet that says it's summer. The air is hot with the sound of birds outside and even though I can't hear them, I know my two girls are deep in slumber. I like the summer quiet as opposed to the silence of an empty house.
For me, summer holds the promise of time: the time to get everything in order, establish a routine of work and play. I have been "at home" for 21 years now and have yet to end the summer with those routines established. Maybe it's because by September everyone has subtilely been changed by the warmth of the sun and freedom from time constraints. Whatever the reason, the school year will start and I will traditionally feel unprepared. Even so, my mind is turning with things to accomplish that will launch me into the controlled, ordered life that I long for.

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