Friday, June 22, 2007

Hope deferred

My 19 year old prodigal son is outside in the cul-de-sac playing street hockey with the neighbor boy he's played with since he was 8. He came to the door in his loud yellow plaid shorts and his long dirty hair. For a moment, my heart lept within me that maybe he was coming home. But then quickly settled at the impossibility of his admitting to his mistakes. That's what he has to do now. We have done all we could for him and now we must love him; keep loving him. Let him experience the consequences of his mistakes.
In her book Get Out of That Pit, Beth Moore says that generally when we go leaping into pits we have a problem with authority and that perhaps we've had authority figures that were overbearing or wimps. I certainly see that my son has a problem with authority but where in the authority figure department did I go wrong? I think most often that we were wimps. He was such an easy kid up until his mid teens that when rebellion reared its ugly head we were too shocked to respond properly. I hold to the power of the Lord who has gotten me this far; pulled me out of my own self dug pits. The bible doesn't tell the stories of good parents. It tells of the awesome power of God.


Profbaugh said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I enjoy reading your comments on the LPM board and that I can relate to you daily blog about your son here.

I have three teens in the house. Raising them is hard!! My prayer for you is that your prodigal son comes home soon (I'm told the 20's are much better. . and parents appear much smarter to kids!!) Hang in there.

~Cheryl (profbaugh on the LPM board)

Darla said...

Love your screen name! I remind my self daily that Jesus said "Woman thou are loosed"...

I was a progigal as well in my teen years, and I now see how I did have major issues with authority due to an alcholic Father, who set that pace.

But after all the pits I dwelled in, refusing the help of Jesus, I did fall and hit rock bottom, and JEsus did pick me up, not with tough love, and not with reminders of how wrong I had been..

Jesus picked me up and said Thou art loosed...nothing can hold you as I am now holding you. HE taught me fear of himself and nothing else,..He became my King, and the lover of my soul.

Now I am a princess led by the Most High King. I know that the prayers of my mother and grandma stood in the gap for me.

Have Hope..and believe...your son is coming back and he will be a very radical Christian...mmmmm wonder what God will use him for..I know that HE has used me in situations that most could not help, due to lack of understanding of that situation.

God is good all the time! HE stoops so low to retrieve us, and then HE never lets go.
Your Princess Siesta..

thouartloosed said...
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