Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cleaning the Shower

I finally got around to cleaning my shower today and I was doing so, it struck me that my life is a whole lot like my shower stall. I hate cleaning the thing and so I keep putting it off until it's such a chore it takes me what seems like forever to get it looking okay. It's got a glass enclosure with tracks that are just a bear to clean well and of course, the build up on the glass is SUCH a treat! Anyway, as I am to give everything to the Lord, I decided to give him my distaste of this particular task and that was when He revealed to me that my approach to shower cleaning is very much like my approach to the "stuff" in my life. I hate dealing with it and I put it off until it's such a chore it takes me forever to give it all up.
I'm old enough to know better on both these cleanings. I've gone around and around on the "Okay, it's clean and now I'm going to keep it that way-oops I'm just not wanting to do it today" wheel for most of my adult life.
I want off the wheel.

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