Tuesday, May 20, 2008

LPM blog

The LPM blog whammed in on me today. God has been speaking to me about what I viewed as my lack of motivation but really is perfectionism. I had an inkling before today. I read the symptoms of perfectionism in a Messies book. I have read a jagazillion books on organizing and how to organize and be organized for crying out loud so I can't remember who authored the messies books. It was the first time I thought "Oh. Maybe I'm not so much a slob as a perfectionist." I think it was because I could check 8 out 10 signs you may be one. The sad thing is that at the time I thought that it might sound nicer to be a perfectionist as opposed to a slob. But Beth's blog sort of honed in on the real down side which is I don't do the work because I know I won't be perfect. It applies especially to my painting. I have a little talent-I think, maybe, at drawing but because I can't create what's in my head, I just neglect it altogether and sit around thinking that I would really love to paint. I'm almost fifty for pete's sake. When do I think I'm going to do it? Just thinking about the topic of perfectionism and it's evils is stressing me out.
I'm glad I went on to read the comments because so many women said "Hey, this is me." (Is it a mean streak to be comforted by the fact that others struggle with the same things you do?) I've tried to instill in my children that God has a plan for your life-follow the open doors and trust what you believe He's saying.


Jill said...

I hear you!
I suffer from perfectionistic tendencies. I don't begin many things because they won't be "just so". I wonder how many things I really miss out on.

He Knows My Name said...

i must have missed this blog. i have been mia for a while from blogging due to so many stressors. i know you know how i feel. i'm going to admit, which really has taken me a lifetime to discover i am a perfectionist and i have a fear of failure. therefore many things that need to be done, don't. these things are very hard to admit. i need to go read. thanks kathy. ~janel

Linda said...

Aahh, yes, I relate. Painting, writing ... it's the same. Just take comfort in knowing you're not alone, don't feel guilty! Part of the human struggle, I guess.