Friday, May 30, 2008

As I look around me lately I see how shallow I am, how hard I let my life be for myself. I see some of the tragedies and sorrows that enter the lives of people and I realize that for God, our troubles aren't on some kind of scale. "This event shouldn't make me sad because someone else has had a deeper blow." I think that God loving us means that He wants our smallest injuries-the ones we think we should be able to handle-and He wants to comfort us. We all know to pray in the face of overwhelming circumstances and grief. I need to refrain from judging and gauging even myself and just give it all to Him. To admit to my Lord that I'm easily wounded. I need Him in all things, in all pains and griefs. Because He's there with me in those "little" hurts, I am assured and confident of His presence when the walls fall in.

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