Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a little tirade

I had an argument with my hubby this morning. I started it and carried it and he wrapped it up which is how we usually do the arguing thing because I do not do so well at agape love.
I'm feeling overwhelmed today and no matter how many Beth Moore studies I do, I can't seem to NOT live out of my emotions.
These last few weeks have just been a slow piling up of stress. Dance competition and then a college visit to Point Park in Pittsburgh where I had to think about my girl going off to college in only one more year. Then our anniversary was May 10th. (We celebrated 27 years.) Mother's Day was the day after, which had a niceness about it but was still a bit hard as my mind is doing the "only one more mother's day and there will only be one at home with us" thing as I missed my two boys who did at least call. My wayward boy turned 20 on May 13 and moved into school sponsored housing which was good but stressful as we had to push him to do it. My oldest graduated from college on the 18th. He is moving to NYC to try and get a job and see where life takes him and I had to go and help him move his stuff and he was sad his college years were over which made me sad, too.
So, on this weekend we are going to dinner in DC to celebrate the graduate and my other son's girlfriend is going to spend the night with him at school and join us and this is where my husband and I had our argument. Because I am tired of paying for this girlfriend to live with him which is what it feels like is going on and I think that we should not pay for his living arrangements if she is going to live with him. I don't, however, "work outside the home". Apparently, I didn't express myself very well because my spouse asked me to stop lecturing him which means we aren't going to discuss this topic.
WWBS? What would Beth say? I need to go pray which I knew already but was effectively ignoring until I asked myself that question.


nancygrayce said...

I don't know what Beth would say, but I say you are completely normal! As women, our emotions are part of who we are. We had the same situation with our son and his girlfriend. They probably lived together most of their college years, but they did keep separate places. When our son graduated, it got sprung on us that they were moving in together as they were "getting engaged". We were not happy about the situation, but since our son had a job and was on his own, we didn't have much to say about it. The biggest fight my husband and I had was when they came to visit us. I had two rooms ready and they went directly to one. I thought it was my husband's place to say no, but he completely avoided the whole issue and went to bed.

I will say this, that will never happen again and I've explained that to the only one left at home.

The other son and girlfriend married.

I do know we are supposed to show the grace that God shows to us, but where to draw the line becomes a sticky situation at times.

Linda said...

I don't have any answers, and i know this post is a while back, but I just really relate to your mom's heart here.