Monday, December 3, 2007

The weekend

Whoa, what a weekend. I was under the weather this week and my Christmas decorating got put off. The girls got the tree up. We bought a new, smaller tree because the boys couldn't find a time to help us. I knew that day was coming...
Friday I got a call from my youngest's school. She just fainted sitting in her chair. Fell over and out. I picked her up and took her to the doctor who said what I expected: "If it happens again, we'll do tests." She was wearing her formal uniform which consists of a sweater over a long sleeved shirt and then she had worn a tank top as well underneath it all. I'm praying she just got overheated.
My older daughter had a friend over and we all went to C-ville to see my oldest son's girlfriend sing with her accapella group. We also met and had dinner with her parents and brother. It was a fun evening but a long one. The girls all loved the singing, especially the men's group that sang a few songs with them.

Saturday was the city parade. Both my girls were in it. The oldest marched with her dance company and had to dress up as a Disney character. My youngest marched with her cheer leading squad. I had to miss it as I had a volunteers brunch. Several more girls joined my older daughter for lunch, a movie and a sleepover. My hubby took on the girls and the outdoor Christmas lights while I took my prodigal son shopping for some clothes that fit. I bought him lunch and had the opportunity for a good heart to heart, at least on my end of it. I also got to hug him, kiss him, and pray over him.

Sunday My husband took the dancer girls to rehearsal and I met a friend for lunch. I haven't seen her in a while so we had a lot of catching up to do. I got home just in time to do nursery duty with the hubby and older daughter for the evening ministries.
I think it's just the beginning of the holiday madness, rushing from one event to the next. Every year I think I'm going to get a better handle on it but I don't think that's possible with young people still at home. So I'm going to put on my party hat and just go with it!


Susan said...

Is that your oldest son with his girlfriend and then your younger son in the lower picture?

Sounds like our crazy, busy, driving-all-over-town-three-times kind of life!

Hugs and blessings, Susan

thouartloosed said...

Yes, That's my oldest and his girl in the first pic and then my younger son in the lower one.

Susan said...

Hey Kathy. Just checking in with you. Hope you are doing well!


Fran said...

Yes..put the party hat on and go with it. And enjoy!

Praying for you and your darling family!

Merry Christmas~