Saturday, December 22, 2007

First Date

My daughter is out on her first date. I'm very grateful for this date as most teens at her school don't go on formal dates. They just sort of "hook up". I like this guy. He works at a local hamburger place we go to frequently and always comes up and talks to us. He's also, by my daughter's estimation, a Christian. HOORAY! He's been her friend for some time and this date is to determine if there might be a spark of something more. She isn't very optimistic about the outcome as she has liked another boy for some time. This other boy sends her lots of mixed signals and she's grown tired of waiting on him. In her words: "When I'm with him, I know that I really like him, but when I'm not he frustrates the heck out of me."
I have hopes for her. Although, this date got off to a rocky start. Seconds before he arrived to pick her up, my oldest son came rushing past him, through the door and up the stairs. My son was coming in from a party and running off to an appointment. As my husband and I were greeting the date, the oldest son came downstairs and introduced himself. My second son and his girlfriend came in the door and said "Hi! Who are you?" So there we all stood: my daughter and her date, my husband, me, her two older brothers and the girlfriend. The poor fella was beet red and so was my daughter. I turned to him and said "Looks like we've decided to hold a family reunion in the entry way."
They're going to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and then get ice cream.

She had a good time but she thinks they'll just remain good friends.

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Susan said...

I like the "will just remain good friends" part!

I'm dealing with a heart-sick teenage girl that we snatched out of her social realm for some FFF (Forced Family Fun) for Christmas vacation! Actually, she's not been too bad. This is a new guy so they aren't too attached yet.