Thursday, November 1, 2007

My dear friend's oldest daughter is getting married in August to a young man in the Navy. She fell in love with him when he was a Senior and she was a Junior in high school. We have prayed mightily over the two of them because they have wanted to marry ever since they met.
She is 19 now and her fiancee is 20. He's out on his first tour of duty and when he returns, they plan to wed.
We've been friends for 15 + years. I have so many memories of her precious girl. For a brief period in elementary school she and my second son were best buddies. They were two little odd ducks with big hearts and quirky senses of humor. Their family moved away to Georgia for 18 months and when they returned, the two were strangers.

My friend told me the other day that she felt she was born ready for motherhood (absolutely true!) and had not yet encountered a situation that had her stuck-until this engagement. She said that while talking with the hostess at a prospective reception sight, she was overcome with the feeling that she didn't know what questions to ask. She was 19 when she married, yet unprepared for her daughter to do the same.
Sometimes it seems as if I've been living underwater; life going by in sweet slow motion and only now have I surfaced to find the future in the present snapping into sharp focus.


Darla said...

my oldest is getting married in may of 08, and she is twenty two...I understand your friend very seems so overwhelming all the preparations, and some times they still look at you and I still see the 4 year old who wants a cool-pop! go figure!

Fran said...

"Sometimes it seems as if I've been living underwater; life going by in sweet slow motion and only now have I surfaced to find the future in the present snapping into sharp focus."

That was a powerful statement Kathy! I hope you have a wonderful evening and a wonderful end of the week. May God fill you richly with His presence and His love.

I'm praying for you and your sweet family.
In Him,

Susan said...

It reminds me that for the last 18 years or so I've been wondering, "when is my life going to start? when am I going to do the things I need to do? when am I going to know what my 'calling' is?"

Guess what? THIS is my life. THIS is my calling. THIS is what I need to do. Right now, every day. And I better start paying attention because it is slipping right by me!

Sounds like your friend has a wonderful friend...YOU!



Linda said...

I loved the vulnerability in this post. My children are about the same age, and this is a period of adjustment. As Darla said, one moment they are adults; the next, they are 4. and you don't love them any less, but you have to pull back a bit. It's tough.

Darla said...

checking in on you! love ya Princess!

He Knows My Name said...

thanks for stopping by kathy. my head cold is gone and i got me some chocolate to boot thank you very much.

interesting factoid i learned from oprah's dr. oz. if you pour salt water up one nostril it will come out the other side :)). well there is this little tea pot called a nettie pot sold at walgreens and this is what you do with it and it really helps clear the sinuses. just make sure you do it over the sink.

you can file this blog under TMI.
at least i can taste my chocolate now.

Jesus love us this we know.

love, Janel

Jan said...

What a beautiful post, Kathy.
It goes by fast doesn't it?
Blessings on you and yours,