Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fun day

What a fun day! My oldest daughter was out of school because of elections. We went shopping at the outlet mall and had chili dogs for lunch.
I had to laugh because she bought a jacket from, what she calls, my "old lady" store. I do not have to identify the store as anyone who shops there and has a teenager knows what stores those are. I told her she has to wear it whether anyone laughs at her or not. And then we went to another "old lady" store and she actually bought a pair of corduroy pants in the color I wanted but they did not have in my size. Never fear, I found a skirt and a scarf and some boots (I have a boot thing that is probably unhealthy) all in old lady stores so that I can rest assured that I am appropriately dressed and not looking like I'm dressing like a teenager.
My hubby is going to stop at the store and bring home the stuff to make chili AND he's going to make it. I don't have to cook and I don't have to go out. I am a blessed woman today.


Jan said...

Hey there! I hear ya on the old lady stuff. My son made fun of me while we "waited" an hour at the doctor's office the other day. I was wearing bifocals (for my embroidery) a turtle neck and khakis.

And yes, I am sure that I, too, don't look like a teenager.


Susan said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! Show us pics of all the fun clothes/boots purchases!

Darla said...

I love these kind of days! And eventually when they are spending thier own money...they want to shop at our old lady stores..LOL

He Knows My Name said...

kathy, the perfect ending to your day having the husband shop and cook. i'm married to a 2 recipe husband. he makes chili and shepherds pie. :) sounds like you had a great day too boot! oh that was irresistible, sorry. have a good weekend.


Susan said...

Hi Kathy. I have to tell you that we (all five of us) went to see Castig Crowns last night. They played a song about prodigal sons that, when I read the first couple of lines of the lyrics up on the screen, I KNEW I was supposed to pray for your son and for you. It is weird because I can't find the song anywhere on their albums. It's NOT the song "Prodigal". It is a different song. I'll find it and let you know what it is. But mostly, I just wanted you to know that God blessed ME by praying for your son, Kathy and you are not to give up on him (or Him either!).
Love, Susan