Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Driver Number Three

My 16 year old daughter just arrived home from her driving test and now has her paper driver's license which is good for 6 months or until she goes to court and gets the real deal. She's going to drive us to the Cold Stone Creamery to celebrate. (We go get ice cream to celebrate pretty much anything but-hey, you only go round once.) Anyway, she wanted us to let her drive ALONE to get ice cream and I am soooo not ready for that. She wanted to know why we won't let her and I said I'm not ready for you to be in any accidents and she said "Mom, you're not in charge of that." I had to laugh because, knowing she was taking her test tonight, I've been trying to give her to the Lord all day, telling Him that I know He's in charge. I think He knew I needed to hear it out loud.

I'm getting the "love it" size with some kind of serious chocolate brownie chunks.

My girl at her 16th birthday breakfast


He Knows My Name said...

Kathy, she is absolutely adorable!! who said they could grow up so fast anyway, it's not fair. He is in charge. don't you hate when they are right. hope your chocolate was yummy.


Profbaugh said...

I know exactly where you are, Kathy. For me it was #2 who just got her license, but #3 is right on her tail. He'll have his driver's permit in less than a month!!! It's so hard, at least for me, to see them making this HUGE jump of responsibility and freedom. Oh my!!

Congrats to your daughter. Just wish I could have joined y'all for Cold Stone. . Yummy stuff!!


He Knows My Name said...

i tagged you. see my blog. :)


Susan said...

Tag, you're it.

Midwest Nest said...

i tagged you :) see my blog.

Midwest Nest