Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Four children is a lot of emotion and energy to keep up with.  I don't often feel up to the task.

The oldest called today from California.  His computer crashed and he owes 2500 dollars in taxes.  Audition after audition leads to a big fat zero and, as he puts it, he's not having any FUN.  How did I communicate that life was going to be fun?

I spent Friday helping S move.  It's not good for me to see firsthand how he lives.  But on the bright side, if there is one, his new girlfriend helped him pack up and she also helped him find this new room-in-a-basement.  Hurrah for the new girlfriend.

L is having a hard time with the loss of her boyfriend's father.  He had been her Sunday school teacher and she had respected and admired him.  She was home this weekend to visit and was put out with her beau because he invited his buddy along on their movie date.  Granted, it was to see Star Wars Episode 1.  The beau continually makes the mistake of putting his buddy before his girl.

The youngest is standing by to cause chaos when her moment arrives.


Rilly said...

oh the "joys" of raising a family....and of the rewards when they all reach 50. It's been worth the journey. I wish the same for you.

nancygrayce said...

I'm not sure if it's so much that WE communicated life to them.....but t.v., their peers and society in general is very different today. My children have extremely different views of most everything than I do.

But, some days I say the same thing! Brings a lot of unwanted drama!

Glad when you post! :)