Wednesday, March 18, 2009

365, not really

I have fallen behind on a picture a day. But...I feel it is too early in the year to give up completely.

My senior girl and her friends leaving on the senior trip. She had a great time and I missed her.

My husband was so ticked at me about the fact that I don't drive my bug as much as I do the van. He was lecturing away and I got out my camara and captured the moment. HAHA!

We picked up pizza for dinner one Sunday night and I thought "Cr*p! I havent' taken a picture today!" TaDAA

My youngest being goofy. I could probably get a picture of her being goofy every day.


He Knows My Name said...

He looks like he is mad. Now wait a minute. You have a bug, my dream car????!!! I'll drive it for you, I'll drive you to whereever you need to go. I only have one question, no two. What color do you have and is it as fun to drive as it looks. I have to go clean up my keyboard from my drool.

Gigi said...

Bug? As is VW Beetle? I have a "bug!" 2000 silver turbo diesel 5 my babycar!

And to *He Knows My Name* - YES, they really ARE as much fun to drive as they look!