Saturday, February 28, 2009

365 Almost

It's tougher than I thought to get a picture EVERY day, but I press on.

A self-portrait by S.

I spied my daughter's graffiti in her high school parking lot. Every year, the seniors paint the parking lot.

Hubby and I took a day and went for a drive through the Virginia countryside. I was waiting for him to get fuel.

A picture leaving a restaurant instead of IN the restaurant.

My hubby bought me a surprise for hanging stuff. For no reason. Unlike the GPS, this gift could come in handy. So I said "You can be my picture for today."

A Christmas present from my hubby, a GPS. It was one of those gifts somebody thinks you need, but you don't necessarily agree. It failed me this day as it kept telling me to "Make a U-turn" I guess because I kept missing the street.

A fun day with my galpal Leslie.

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