Friday, February 13, 2009

Facing fifty

This is me at 10. I was hoping to "blossom". You know how everyone says: "Don't worry, one day you'll blossom".

Hi ho. Hi ho. Off to the DMV I go. Or went. I had to renew the driver's license and, because it has been ten years since I've done so, I had to have a new picture taken. If you want to feel real old, have the DMV take your picture and laminate it to a card that you have to show everyone who asks for ID.
My mama says that I just have to adjust to what my older self looks like and stop looking in the mirror and thinking I'm going to see what I saw ten years ago. She says that, but I've seen her about to fight her reflection in a store mirror because she didn't realize 1)it was a reflection and 2) it was herself.


nancygrayce said...

Happy Birthday! Listen the 50's are great and you did blossom! I know aging is hard on all of us, especially women. I've always been glad I wasn't a movie star, it must be hard for them to go back and watch themselves when they were young and the skin was tight!

Have a wonderful day!

He Knows My Name said...

50? been there done that!

Mirror, mirror on the wall?

WHO IS THAT WOMAN ANYWAY? Oh ya it's the new me?

Sorry, I'm feeling too silly. I better laugh or I'll cry.

Happy Birthday!!! Glad they renewed your license!

love, janel

Debbie said...

Those DMV photos are so tough on us! I feel your pain.
Happy birthday.