Thursday, October 9, 2008

mini meltdown

uhh. I saw the glaucoma doc again today. The drops aren't working and I have to switch to some new ones. She did the visual field test and I have a blind spot in my left eye. She also showed me the photos of my optic nerves; the right eye being healthy and the left eye...not.
So I'm doing okay with this I think and then I get the new medicine, some kind of beta-blocker and I'm reading the precautions which include: You may need to stop taking this medication a few days before surgery. This warning brings to mind that the results from my unpleasant test at the gyn's merits a minor surgery to rule out anything more serious. I've never had to be put to sleep before. I don't want any kind of surgery, minor or otherwise and I've successfully put it out of my mind until this label on the eye drops insert.
I called my mama and boohooed.
I feel better.


Profbaugh said...

OMG, I'll keep you in prayer. Surgery of any type freaks me out. I also know that I've survived it, and if fact come out stronger because of it. I'll be praying for you eyes too!! Hang in there.


nancygrayce said...

I'll be praying too.....let me try to reassure you a little....first with what you already know....God is in control no matter what. I have early glaucoma (my mother has glaucoma) I also have early cataracts (although, with each passing year, I guess it isn't called early anymore) and a severe case of dry eye. I had plugs put in my tear ducts about 6 months ago which helped.

My mother, sister and myself all have a corneal problem called Fuch's Endothelial (sp?) disease which just means that the cells we need are decreasing. Sometimes that causes blurry vision and can change vision from time to time.

I have had several surgeries, biopsies, hysterectomy, etc. Survivied every one.

Is the surgery they are talking to you about laser? If so, mama had it and it was no problem and her pressures immediately went down to acceptable levels.

Hang in there!