Tuesday, October 21, 2008

His mysterious ways

L left the audition feeling very disappointed and let down. After all the build up and excitement, she didn't like the very modern style of jazz at Point Park. She made herself finish the audition but she didn't want to stay for the tour. She just wanted to go home.
I was quite amazed. Of all the possible scenarios, this wasn't one I had envisioned.
So now, we are back on the hunt for where to go to school. I'm hoping for a Virginia school: in-state tuition!
S appeared on our doorstep Sunday night. He claims it's over with he and his girlfriend but I suspect he's just tired of hearing her tell him to GET A JOB. We've let him spend the last few nights here but he needs to GET A JOB. I feel like we're right back where we were when he graduated from high school. He doesn't know what to do, he says. So he does nothing. Plays video games and watches t.v. All his stuff is at her parent's house and I'm pretty sure we aren't letting him bring it here unless he has a plan like GET A JOB.


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I know what it's like to have "family" show back up at your doorstep...but because they are "family" and in my case, my daughter and 3 grandchildren, you open the door wide and let them come on in....not quite the same situation as yours....

PJ said...

My older son had a phase like this at age 19. He had a part-time job earning just enough to have fun -- pay for pizza, movies and gas for his car. He was living at home at the time and I inaugurated a policy: "Everyone over 18 who lives in this house either is a full-time student or pays room and board. One third of salary will go to room and board beginning September 1." That was early August. Amazingly, by September 1, he had managed to enroll in school and was a full-time student.

Grown kids bring on far more gray hairs than little ones!!!!

Susan said...

Yikes. How do you do it, Kathy? Wanting to help him, again, and wanting him to help himself?
I am so praying for you and that boy this morning! Stopping right now to do it.
Father. I lift up Kathy, her husband and their son. You know them. You know him. You created each of them. We know from Your Word that he is fearfully and wonderfully made. You had his days listed in your book long before he was made. While your plan is not always known to us, Father, we ask that you intercede on his behalf. Fill him with the desire, the need, the longing for a job, to turn from the way he has been living, to turn back to you. The road will be bumpy, but help him to push through. Help him to find you. Give Kathy and her husband the strength, the resolve, the words that they need to help him. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Love you, sister.

He Knows My Name said...

oh kathy. i know you feel you have no choice. you have to be reeling about now. i'll pray for wisdom for you.