Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Lucy has two projects that she knew were due and then she just didn't do them. I have such an area of weakness when it comes to my kids and their schoolwork. They are all smart, at least smart enough that if they did their work they'd do fine. Yet, all but Susan have worked fiercely to avoid doing any work. The oldest figured things out in the 11th hour of high school and pulled himself together to get into UVA. The next one. Ugh. The next one barely graduated from high school and took us through every tatic known to man to try and get him to just DO HIS WORK. Sheesh. I'm stressing out just remembering it.
I have to remember that school is her responsibility and not mine. Consequences have been enacted and I need to not harp at her about it. Give it to God. Don't stress about it. I know what to do. So I just need to do it. Maybe this is my homework from God!


He Knows My Name said...

oh kathy if you only knew i could be typing this blog and not you. thanks for keeping it real. hugs ~janel

Jill said...

This so sounds like my house right now...Feeling for you.

Jill said...

Oh, this so sounds like our house at the moment, how I feel for you.
You are right, it is their responsibility and I need to remember not only that, but what they do is not a total reflection on me.