Thursday, February 28, 2008


My birthday was yesterday and it was...glorious. I don't usually say such things about the anniversary of my birth. Usually, I'm just pretending that I'm a good Christian girl and can hardly wait to die and get to heaven and so What's one more birthday?
Yesterday was not extravagant or perfect in the things we did. Some things were necessities like banking and parenting. Some things were painful like my daddy not doing well and parenting. But at the end of the day, the oldest had called and said Happy Birthday and I love you. Edmund gave me a card in which he wrote that it gave him peace to know I loved him no matter what he did. The girls gave me cards and kisses that said I love you, mom. And hubby loved me, too.
I just felt loved by the ones I love and this, for me, is a gift from God.
I can only glance in the mirror these days. I don't know what to make of my physically older self. I haven't taken very good care of her and it shows. But I'm beginning to hope that the inside me is coming along on the journey of life.


PJ said...

Well said. I think I have fairly high mileage...maybe that's what the mirror shows me!! But to love and be loved is better than a "perfect" fashionable body!

He Knows My Name said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! i feel exactly as you do. to hear from my kids or receive a thoughtful card is always my best birthdays. just the fact, to me that is, that they remembered me and thought enough to tell me makes life so much easier to take. i hope your time with your dad went well. i have thought of you often and wondered if you were back. glad you had a glorious day. you deserve it! God Bless You Kathy. ~janel

Susan said...

Happy Belated Birthrday, Kathy.
Praying for your visit with your family.
Hugs and blessings, friend.

Jill said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad you were able to have some fun and were loved on in the midst of everyday stuff.

Profbaugh said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Sounds like it was just the "perfect" day for you. As for my "older" body, well I'm looking forward to that new one I'm gonna get when I'm caught up in the clouds with Christ!


Fran said...

You are just so precious Kathy!
Happy belated birthday!! Look at it as another year of growth with Jesus! Hallelujah!

Blessings over you and your sweet family!