Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas in our town

 Now that I've had a few weeks to catch my breathe, I have to say that we had a great Christmas.  I had intended that I would not decorate as I didn't want to come home from Christmas in the cabin and be faced with the remnants of an earlier celebration.  My daughters had other ideas and on the Friday after Thanksgiving they got out the little tree and decorated it.  I must say that it gave just the right amount of holiday spirit!
We expected our oldest in from California on the 23rd.  As my husband and I were having our morning coffee on the 22nd, he got a text from the oldest saying he had made it to the airport.  "He's got the wrong day!" was my husband's response but when he checked the ticket info he realized that HE had the wrong day.  So, I finished wrapping the presents, thawed something for dinner and we celebrated on the 22nd.

 My second son could not join us for Christmas at the cabin as he  had to work. It was our first Christmas day without all our offspring with us, but the celebration beforehand demonstrated that the number of the day doesn't matter; it's the being together that counts.


Susan said...

Hilarious! Glad it was a good Christmas!

nancygrayce said...

Cute picture. Glad you got to be with all for at least that one day!