Thursday, November 6, 2008

My hubby and I were bizzing through Target when we spied a pair of navy "footie pajamas" with rocket ships on them. S had only just the day before pointed some out to me in a catalog, remarking that they were really cool. The pair hubby and I saw were only $12.99 and were just big enough to fit him. We bought them for him as a little joke.
He's staying in the basement because, after his last exit, I converted his room into a guest room. The cleaning lady comes on Thursday mornings to clean the bathrooms and has had to tiptoe past him in order to clean the basement bathroom. Last night at about 3 am, I heard S come up the stairs and go down the hall to the guest room. He had decided to sleep in there so the cleaning lady wouldn't wake him up.
When I got up this morning I peeked in and saw him curled up on the bed in his footie pajamas, his glasses on the floor and his hair sticking up. He looked like he did when he was three.
For a moment I just stood looking at him, not thinking about all that's behind or ahead. No matter where we go from here, it's good to have him home.


Susan said...

I had a pair of pink fuzzy footie jammies when I was in my 20's. I still miss them...

Jill said...

Fun jammies! I always wanted a pair when I was "too old" for them but my legs are too long.