Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daddy went to church on Sunday. They had a Veteran's Day celebration honoring all the vets in the community. My nephew pushed his chair down the aisle. When I talked to him on the phone about it, I felt excited and happy for him. After church they went to lunch with his brother and his wife. They all ate at a Mexican restaurant where daddy said he showed great restraint with the chip basket.
When I saw the pictures I was reminded that afterwards, he didn't return home. He went back to the "rehab center". I think daddy summed it up best when he told me "It doesn't matter what the doctors say; I have to do what my wife wants if I want to go home." What his wife wants is for him to be able to walk with a walker and take basic care of himself.
I don't know if that's going to happen.


Profbaugh said...

Praying that your Dad, does indeed make it through the rehab process!!

He Knows My Name said...

hi kathy. what a good looking man and i am so proud of his generation they are the true americans!! i will also pray for your dad to get his strength back.

i crashed our computer again and i lost everything. i don't have your email address anymore. i'm full of anxiety today pray for peace in my family. much love.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I know being in rehab is not easy...my mother has been in rehab now so many times in the past couple/three years and each one is a challenge for her and us. The last one was in June where she spent 6 weeks due to spinal fractures. She is still not totally recovered and must still be watched 24-7. She is getting better though. She is staying with my oldest sister until such a time that she may be able to go back to her own home.....that's what mother hopes for.

Hope your dad gets well real soon and back to his own home.

Susan said...

We've just been going through the rehab thing with my FIL. My MIL said the same thing...and he CAN use the walker now (sort of). It's mostly gravity that makes him "walk" and he has fallen down a lot. But somehow, they are managing.

Praying for your dad...and all of you. Glad he was able to go to church and out to lunch. That is a huge thing!