Thursday, July 24, 2008


L turned 17 on Tuesday. She hated this picture because she'd been dancing all day and looked like it.
We had a Coldstone cake and a few token presents. Her big present is a weekend trip in August on the Bolt bus to NYC. She's going alone (WHAT was I thinking?) and staying with her biggest brother. They'll be going to a show and hanging out. He says if she's going to be a dancer, she needs to get the feel of NYC and I need to get the feel of her going there by herself.

He cracks me up.


Profbaugh said...

Oh my goodness!! My Sammie turns 17 on Aug. 1. Where does the time go???


Susan said...

Tell her that she looks GORGEOUS...healthy dancing glow!

You are such a brave mom!



He Knows My Name said...

HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY! love the pictures. you guys look like sisters!!!! and wooo hoo NYC my son's dream trip, he is such a big city guy. she'll be fine.

hugs. janel