Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head after today's Breaking Free session. I am so thankful for Beth Moore and her way of just laying the truth out there in her Texas twang. I'm even more grateful that God assigned me to her classes.
Today, Beth talked about God's number one priority for our lives-to love Him. And she went on to say that we might think we've loved Him, but maybe we haven't loved Him in the way He's commanded us to in scripture. She has a list of questions that she asked to give us an indication where we were with loving Him. I realized that I'm doing better than I would have thought-but also I sensed that same old reluctance within me to push myself to love Him more. Like many times in her studies-I think something and as I'm thinking it-she addresses the thought. (It's definitely a God thing, this conversation that takes place between me and Beth from a book or on a screen.) She said that we can try to love Him on our own; it isn't going to work. The ability to love God with all our hearts and souls and minds comes from Him. I keep falling into the pit of making myself in charge of my life and then I wonder why it isn't quite what it should be.


He Knows My Name said...

kathy, i have never done breaking free. i do have the book but even beth herself said just do the workbook. i so need to do this study. everyone always speaks so highly of it. thanks for the testimony. you encourage me. ~janel

He Knows My Name said...

hi kathy, you have great taste :) in dishes! i would love to have some vegetable bowls and the like. we are going to hit 75 here today. yipee! take care. hugs ~janel

PJ said...

I've read "Get Out of the Pit" but not "Breaking Free". I probably should get that book. (Note to self: Add to "want list")