Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Little Snow

We had a little snow today. It's mostly slush but mixed in was some sleet. Here in Virginia things come to a halt when there's a little snow and so, school let out at noon. I was sweeping and praying as my young driver was to drive home for the first time in such a mess. "Keep her safe, Lord".
She was late and at last, the phone rang. She was giving her friend a ride home and the van slid down a hill and hit another car. She was fine; the other driver was fine and her friend was fine. The woman in the other car called the police, however. My daughter wasn't charged because the damage was so little but we have to report it to the insurance company which doesn't make her daddy very happy at all.
It's funny to me that she's pouted in her room all afternoon because we were upset with her. Yesterday, when she was supposed to be at a friend's house, I passed her on the road. I called her and asked her where she was going. "Oh, we're just going to Starbucks." I told her that, at this stage of the game, she needs to call and ask to drive anywhere she goes. Near or far. Passengers or not. "OK" she said.
She conceded that it wasn't a good idea to try to drive to her friend's house but what she couldn't concede to was that she had disobeyed me. Frequently, she ignores things I've asked her to do or makes light of doing something that I've told her not to do and does it anyway. Ahhh, the wonder years...

We interrupt this blog:
I just had a phone call from my mama's cousin, Grace. (I think that makes her my 2nd cousin.) She's almost 81. I haven't heard from her in years. In the course of catching up, she told me that her only daughter, whose around my age, had lost her husband last year. He was 51. They have 4 children, 2 older boys in college and high school, a 12 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. It grieves my heart for them and reminds me to keep life in His perspective, not my own.


Susan said...

Phone calls like that really help me to keep my perspective. I take so much for granted in my own little "World of Susan". I'm wondering if you are meant to reach out to your...third cousin??? (I can never figure out how all that works.)

We had a bit of mess here, too. The Man's truck made it to Landmark and just as he pulled it into the service bay at died completely. It's there getting worked on today. Okay, it's a 1988 Toyota truck with 200,000 miles on it! I wish he'd get rid of the thing.

The kids went two hours late today. Just left a minute ago. To Starbucks on the way. I pray for them unceasingly, especially when they are driving or are in a car with another driving. Our oldest had his first fender bender in our driveway. He and his dad were moving cars around and he started his Jeep, put it in reverse and backed into my brand new minivan. He didn't even look. He just assumed his dad had backed it out. But that was the second accident for my brand new minivan. The first was when my husband pulled his truck into the driveway, which was iced over, and slammed into the back of my brand new minivan. My bff's told me clearly...I held my brand new minivan too high in esteem and this was God's way of reminding me of it! lol.

Hope you have a great, stress-free day today!

Much love.


Darla said...

Daughters and drivers license +young age= HUH?? I said OK!

Yep we been here, and it isnt easy. Have missed you and thought of you today, and wanted to make sure I made time for one of my oldest siestas (meaning from the beginning).

Life has to be walked out through GOds perspective or else I will fall to despair Love you Princess

Profbaugh said...

Raising kids is no small task especially when it comes to driving. I really related to you on this one, since I have a 16 year old daughter driver!! We've had our own "challenges" regarding the car and driving. So, know that you're in good company. Just glad to hear no one was hurt. That in and of itself is the true blessing.