Thursday, August 23, 2007

Who Knew?!

Who knew that when I traipsed off for vacation I would return to no Internet connection AT ALL? Who knew I would even care? I feel like I'm stealing even this moment to write out this rant.
For 3 weeks the cable connection has been nonexistent. We call; they send someone out; nothing happens. My husband called the phone company to get DSL and the modem doesn't work. We now have two methods that don't work. So, because I was letting myself get all flustered and aggravated, my husband hooked us up to dial-up from his office... but it is REALLY slow and I can forget looking at the pictures on other sites. But, I'm hoping to look in at some of my favorite blogs and I got through the 346 e-mails (mostly junk mail) in my mailbox.

1 comment:

Jan said...

I feel your pain---our modem is so slow that we constantly have to unplug, count to "ten mississippi"
and plug it back in. UGH

Was so good to read your post!